About us

ООО Büromöbel was opened as a subsidiary of Assmann Büromöbel GmbH + Co.KG company, one of the leading manufacturers of office furniture in Germany. Today Büromöbel is a private company with 100% Russian capital which still retains links to German company.

Assmann's family business was founded in 1939 in Melle, Germany. Its programmes offer high-quality and multifunctional furniture which meets the highest requirements of the modern market. Flexible, perfectly suited  systems of furniture open up new opportunities for implementation of your ideas. The purpose of Assmann Büromöbel is to meet the demands of every client, providing productive working conditions. According to "markt intern", an independent publisher, during the period of 2006-1012 Assmann Büromöbel factory was considered to be a leader in Germany in terms of more than 20 indicators.

To date, there are two offices of the Büromöbel company in Russia: in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. Highly-qualified specialists with extensive experience in space planning and furniture provision work in each office.

Basic principles of our work are client-oriented approach, professionalism and commitment to quality which means that we take care of our clients and respect them.  These principles have been established by the manufacturers of the product.

Our key partners are German enterprises: Interstuhl, Müller Manufaktur, brunner, Isaria, Dobergo as well as Italian Sesta, dieffebi, Pedrali, Codutti, and Tonon.

Additionally, we are working with Russian factories: Orgspace («Оргспейс»), Nayada («Наяда»), Unital («Юнитал») and some other companies.