Time-tested and approved approach, it offers you the bare essentials. Sympa got some new elements that significantly enhance your capabilities.
A universal functional table system with a 4-leg metal frame for relatively small budget.
The system of desks with T-shaped legs. All the desks сan be equipped with a special height adjustment device (from 62 to 120) in case you need to work on your feet.
Points is a system of supportive furniture that is designed to solve all the problems connected to individual needs of a worker and functional features of separate premises.
The reduced design of the Solos creates an open atmosphere in offices of any size.
The innovative docking system enables innumerable combinations between the desk and the accessories.
Antaro can furnish all types of office space, while preserving the functionality inherent in the professional furniture category.
Ergonomic systems tailored for modern desks – Drive desks meet the requirements of people with different styles and specifics of work.
The universal worktop and a wide range of available frames allow creating any layouts: from basic workstations to complex systems.
A wide range of available frames and abundant colour schemes allow creating a workspace that will match visually and functionally.
Inside the leg there is an easily accessible cable duct, which considerably shortens the time needed to prepare and install necessary electronic devices.
Ecological, innovative two-position desk with an electrically height-adjustable worktop, that incorporates technology reducing the power consumption in "stand by" mode by half.
Adjustable workstations that meet all your needs
For those who want to furnish or renew their spaces with clean, linear and basic geometric lines
A multidisciplinary approach aimed at making the most of integrated technologies and furniture.
PRATIKO, features a rigorous, linear design offering innovative solutions for any item, from the individual workstation to more complex needs.