Simplicity, functionality, laconicism. Time-tested and approved approach, it offers you the bare essentials. Long tried and tested, table systems Sympa got some new elements that significantly enhance your capabilities.
A universal functional table system with a 4-leg metal frame. Various variants of organization workspace, a wide colour range, a wide range of coverings, proved quality, restrained design and functionality. It perfectly suits for relatively small budget.
The system of desks with T-shaped legs. All the desks have height adjustment (62-86 cm) and in addition сan be equipped with a special height adjustment device (from 62 to 120) in case you need to work on your feet. For going up and down electrical or hand actuator is used. Electric actuator can come with a collision avoidance mechanism, memory and a display.
The reduced design of the Solos creates an open atmosphere in offices of any size.
Points is a system of supportive furniture that is designed to solve all the problems connected to individual needs of a worker and functional features of separate premises. Colours and sizes of all the elements are compatible with other programmes made by «Assmann Büromöbel».
Antaro can furnish all types of office space, while preserving the functionality inherent in the professional furniture category.
The Viteco system by ASSMANN skilfully fulfils all the planning requirements of modern office settings, from room division with sound absorbing properties through to workplace organisation, visual screening and office design. The four individual system lines ensure functional and budgetary flexibility. Moreover, the versatile, configurable elements leave plenty of space for creative design.
Applica provides all features of a communication switchboard at a normal workplace. The innovative docking system enables innumerable combinations between the desk and the accessories. This is an unbeatable way to connect workplaces efficiently and to make ideal use of IT and communication technology. What's more, Applica creates a visual and acoustic privacy screen around the different work areas. An altogether well-conceived workplace module in modern design.
TriASS is the premium desk programme by ASSMANN. It is synonymous with clear forms, ideal functionality and precious materials. Stripped to the basics in terms of design, TriASS eschews opulence and trusts in purism as an expression of personality. Discerning, representative and convincing at first sight. Premium product quality with a magic ingredient.
Table lamps, mobile lamps, floor lamps
LUCTRA® is the first biologically effective LED lamp system for the workplace which makes a knowledge available for use by everyone. There is able to control lamps by smartphone (with downloading of relevant application).