Communication zone

Temporary workplaces used by several employees are becoming increasingly important features in modern offices. The Syneo sit/stand workplaces deftly reflect this requirement.
A warm welcome. A lasting impression.
Product range with chairs, armchairs, sofa series and innovative seating modules for reception and waiting areas as well as for furnishing communication areas
One of these products is HUB - the most versatile modular system for designing individual and creative office spaces.
Being simultaneously classical and luxurious, reception desks by MDD gain guests’ attention and make for an atmosphere of comfort and trust.
Different frames and table tops can be combined to fulfil the respective design concept and to provide the required seating space.
KINETICIS5 is a new world of work full of movement and dialogue.
Designed for higher class seating and an executive working style.
Setting up, dismantling, transport and storage – everything becomes easier with torino.
Whether as a circle, a quartet, at an angular, rectangular or curved table – with the ray table system you are always well connected – with both media and colleagues.
Every space becomes an eye-catching design.
For those of us who are into making decisions.