Furniture for private office

Classic and absolutely contemporary design. Flawless proportions. The highest quality fulfillment. It will bring the atmosphere of credibility and reliability into rooms of any level. Natural wood, structure topcoat, chrome, leather.
A table with a system LINIEM. is not only a high-quality table system, but also a modular product building box for exclusive and contemporary equipment - no matter whether chief office, secretary’s office, meeting or conference room.
Clarity, transparency and directness are available for the elaborately crafted bridge structure, which can be adapted functionally and aesthetically to every requirement of the workstation.
Purity and lightness as well as pragmatically implemented details give this line its aesthetics and the individual style.
Stylish and timeless. These factors form the framework for the line VOTUM. Flexible in use and expressive with its incisive style.
Acuros light
ACUROS LIGHT dispenses deliberately with exuberant design features and stages the materials on which it depends.e the functionality.
Antaro can furnish all types of office space, while preserving the functionality inherent in the professional furniture category.
TriASS is the premium desk programme by ASSMANN. It is synonymous with clear forms, ideal functionality and precious materials. Stripped to the basics in terms of design, TriASS eschews opulence and trusts in purism as an expression of personality. Discerning, representative and convincing at first sight. Premium product quality with a magic ingredient.
Designed by the Italian architect Simone Bernocchi, the brand new executive furniture series MITO combines white lacquered elements with the synchronous 3D structure plate of light and dark sycamore.
Furniture fo Executives from Codutti
Complete office furniture collections with a top-range core business: executive office furnishings designed and manufactured for top-class Italian and international customers. This is probably one of the reasons why you can find our furniture in the most prestigious offices in 80 countries all over the world.
Furniture for Executives from IVM
Furniture for Executives of different levels.
Table lamps, mobile lamps, floor lamps
LUCTRA® is the first biologically effective LED lamp system for the workplace which makes a knowledge available for use by everyone. There is able to control lamps by smartphone (with downloading of relevant application).