Chairs for the workplace

The new, transparent membrane constitutes the evolution of the mesh back.
It offers numerous options to create custom combinations of backrest versions, upholstery and colour designs.
A complete re-invention of the "office chair". Complicated and heavy mechanisms are no longer required.
AIMis1 is a comprehensive range of office chairs which meets all workplace requirements. Its design is uncontradicted and widely accepted.
Likeable. Fresh. Versatile. Economic.
fina is available in different versions that always feature contrasts as part of the concept.
Just take a seat – too will take care of everything else
The series drive satisfies all aspects of a of high-quality swivel chair programme: intelligent ergonomics, sophisticated design and ease of use.
Ergonomic configuration of the backrest enables the operator to be in direct contact with the lumbar support, fostering correct posture.
Win-S (Slim version), Win-I (Padded version) and Win-R (Mesh version) with one backrest height are all available with ADH standard lumbar support.
Sax family of task chairs is available with a mesh backrest, a “membrane” fitted into the backrest or with a padded backrest.
Task chair series with five armrests types available (two fixed and three adjustable).
Classic form of a school chair in a brand-new edition — multiple configurations that adjust to office areas of various purposes.
Mechanisms that allow adjusting the settings to the user’s needs, make Sava a perfect chair for a computer workstation.
The construction supporting the work ergonomics and appealing colours — Tanya office chair is a fundamental piece of furniture in every office.
Simple form and mechanisms that allow adjusting the configuration to its user’s needs