"Buromebel" has become one of the sponsors of the XVIII International Congress of coal enrichment

International Congress on coal enrichment takes place every three years and is the area where numerous delegations of all coal-producing countries of the world discuss prospects for technological development of the industry. Among the main tasks of the event there is the exchange of experiences on the implementation of the latest scientific achievements that improve the quality of products into relevant industries, the coordination of the necessary environmental measures that contribute to the solution of environmental problems, new business contacts. At various times, the forum took place in such cities as Paris, Liege, Pittsburgh, Tokyo, Johannesburg and others. In 1979, it was held in Donetsk, and in 2013 - in Istanbul. It was there, at the closing ceremony, when the devolution procedure for the preparation of the Congress of 2016 representatives of the Russian side was held. As the venue of the meeting St. Petersburg Mining University was chosen. Buromebel company comprehensively equipped the new training buildings of the university in the 2014-2015 year. Currently Buromebel and Mining University continue their active cooperation.