The new office of "United industrial complex" company

The new office of

Company BUROMEBEL, the official supplier of the German office furniture from German manufacturers ASSMANN BUROMOBEL and MULLER MANUFAKTUR and Interstuhl, focusing on functionality and tailored solutions, has implemented another important project. At this time, the company "Joint Industrial Complex" became our partner. The uniqueness of this project is due to design solutions: a combination of German minimalist and exclusive handmade furniture, as well as the style and the rationalism of the Italian manufacturer of chairs. Our goal with this project was to create a well thought-out organization of the working and multifunctional zones with a focus primarily on the individual requirements of the customer. Elegant and modern design makes the interior attractive and original, starting with the jobs of ordinary employees and finishing with cabinets of top managers. As a partner florist company was chosen GRINTERER company, which also used in this project the products of the German and Italian manufacturers, and the ideal choice of ceramic pots and plants created a wonderful atmosphere of the workspace.

The project featured products:

Assmann Buromobel (Germany), SympAss series, Intavis, Allvia.

Muller Manufaktur (Germany), Acuros series.

Interstuhl (Germany), Axos series, Tangram.

Sesta (Italy), Corolla series.