Teleportation: Business breakfast on the rooftop of "Vvedensky" hotel

Teleportation: Business breakfast on the rooftop of

 August 23 St. Petersburg hosted the theme "matinee", which has already become a traditional event: business breakfast, organized by the companies, well-known not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also outside: "MARIS" (part of the CBRE affiliate network), "Nayada", "BUROMEBEL", FAGERHULT Russia, "Delicate move". The topic for discussion were issues related to furnishing and equipping a new office and rational movement to it. The representatives of different companies were invited, for which the stated topic is relevant, or may become relevant in the near future. The leading speaker was Denis Kuvshinnikov (ABD architects, interior design department principal), who led the discussion not only professionally and competently, but he himself showed a lot and told about many interesting things. The breakfast was held in a warm atmosphere, which not in a small measure contributed to the cozy atmosphere, created by the hotel "Vvedensky" on the roof, presenting a panoramic view of the city. Even the heavy rain that accompanied the whole event, could not in any way  spoil it. After the completion of the business part of the meeting prizes among the participants were raffled, that were courtesy of the hotel "Vvedensky" and alcohol company "Rusimport".