Business breakfast "Evolution of an Office "

Business breakfast

On August 8, in the very heart of St. Petersburg, on the roof of the Vvedensky Hotel, a business breakfast called Office Evolution took place. The experts discussed the evolution of office space and talked about how an office can be today, and what it will be like tomorrow.

The discussion was moderated by Ksenia Bandorina, a design expert, a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Designers, an associate professor of the A.Stiglitz SPGPA, a PhD in Art History.

The company BUROMEBEL was invited to speak as an expert in the field of office space in terms of furnishing it with furniture.

During the event, speakers of the companies spoke: Maris in association with CBRE, Byurebel, Technopolis St. Petersburg, BAMARD, ABD Architects, Dialet, JetStaff, «Delicate moving», YellowKorner.