"Sodruzhestvo Group" head office in St. Petersburg

The "Sodruzhestvo" building company has been working at the construction market more than 20 years. The main activities of building company is design and construction of residential and public buildings.

 It was important for the customer to create a multipurpose workplace for an employee spending a long time at work taking into account the raised ergonomics. Triass workstations with partitions conveniently accomodate designers at the office. The Triass storage system allows to put working accessories of the employee in order on the table,  and to have a quick access to the necessary documents. Comfortable chairs of Ataros with the reliable synchro-mechanism with back tilting allows to reduce a load from the back and to increase working capacity.

Number of workplaces - 300.

Furniture: Assmann Buromobel (series-TriASS, Pontis, InvitASS)

The armchair and chairs - Interstuhl (series-Ataros), Sesta (series-Tago, Charmant).