Temporary workplaces used by several employees are becoming increasingly important features in modern offices. The Syneo sit/stand workplaces deftly reflect this requirement.
Time-tested and approved approach, it offers you the bare essentials. Sympa got some new elements that significantly enhance your capabilities.
Allvia storage space concept guarantees perfectly measured functionality, sophisticated technical details and outstanding workmanship
Classic and absolutely contemporary design. Flawless proportions. The highest quality fulfillment.
A warm welcome. A lasting impression.
Product range with chairs, armchairs, sofa series and innovative seating modules for reception and waiting areas as well as for furnishing communication areas
A universal functional table system with a 4-leg metal frame for relatively small budget.
The system of desks with T-shaped legs. All the desks сan be equipped with a special height adjustment device (from 62 to 120) in case you need to work on your feet.
Points is a system of supportive furniture that is designed to solve all the problems connected to individual needs of a worker and functional features of separate premises.
Intavis cabinets and shelves provide sufficient space for files, lend structure to open-plan offices and also create a nice-looking privacy screen.
LINIEM is not only a high-quality table system, but also a modular product building box for exclusive and contemporary equipment
The reduced design of the Solos creates an open atmosphere in offices of any size.
Clarity and transparency of the elaborately crafted bridge structure, which can be adapted functionally and aesthetically to every workstation requirement.
You will find the right solution for any application in the cabinets range.
Extraordinary forms and a representative optics provide the executive's office a timeless and classy look.
Dieffebi’s manufacturing philosophy is oriented towards lean production.
ACUROS LIGHT dispenses deliberately with exuberant design features and stages the materials on which it depends.e the functionality.
Purity and lightness as well as pragmatically implemented details give this line its aesthetics and the individual style.
Stylish and timeless. These factors form the framework for the line VOTUM. Flexible in use and expressive with its incisive style.
The most defining design element in this workstation is certainly the sloping plate contour with the correspondingly striking asymmetric frame in steel structure lacquer.
The versatile, configurable elements leave plenty of space for creative design.
The Flexter organisational rail tidies everything away, without reducing the number of hardware components.
The innovative docking system enables innumerable combinations between the desk and the accessories.
Antaro can furnish all types of office space, while preserving the functionality inherent in the professional furniture category.
Accessories that organize the immediate surroundings of the workspace are a valuable part of the ergonomic furniture
D-TEC products perfectly fit any modern interior. Interesting design, a variety of assortment and decent quality.
Modern character accentuated by subtle colours – stylish Crystal executive furniture is a proposal for everyone who values inspiring interiors.
Simple line with a decorative aluminium detail- the minimalist Quando office furniture will perfectly fit into any modern space.
Collection inspired by a traditional office in a modern edition – Status brings harmony to the interior and creates a workspace that favours efficiency.
One of these products is HUB - the most versatile modular system for designing individual and creative office spaces.
The brand new executive furniture series MITO combines white lacquered elements with the synchronous 3D structure plate of light and dark sycamore.
Firm and comfortable, despite the gravity. Minimalistic form, inspired by modern architecture, has been integrated with technology.
A simple form and design based on visual contrasts - the Impuls executive furniture collection is a system that will work perfectly in offices of today.
Being simultaneously classical and luxurious, reception desks by MDD gain guests’ attention and make for an atmosphere of comfort and trust.
The new, transparent membrane constitutes the evolution of the mesh back.
It offers numerous options to create custom combinations of backrest versions, upholstery and colour designs.
A complete re-invention of the "office chair". Complicated and heavy mechanisms are no longer required.
AIMis1 is a comprehensive range of office chairs which meets all workplace requirements. Its design is uncontradicted and widely accepted.
Likeable. Fresh. Versatile. Economic.
fina is available in different versions that always feature contrasts as part of the concept.
Just take a seat – too will take care of everything else
The series drive satisfies all aspects of a of high-quality swivel chair programme: intelligent ergonomics, sophisticated design and ease of use.
Ergonomic configuration of the backrest enables the operator to be in direct contact with the lumbar support, fostering correct posture.
Win-S (Slim version), Win-I (Padded version) and Win-R (Mesh version) with one backrest height are all available with ADH standard lumbar support.
Sax family of task chairs is available with a mesh backrest, a “membrane” fitted into the backrest or with a padded backrest.
Task chair series with five armrests types available (two fixed and three adjustable).
Executive office furnishings designed and manufactured for top-class Italian and international customers.
One of the european leaders in the field of light and electrical engineering . Lighting systems - from the simplest to the most complex with elements embedded.
The design of their products responds to its users and uses, whatever the space in which they perform.
Different frames and table tops can be combined to fulfil the respective design concept and to provide the required seating space.
KINETICIS5 is a new world of work full of movement and dialogue.
VINTAGEis5 fully combines ergonomics and elegance, engineering and aesthetics, reliability and perfection of lines.
The "flagman" of the line of furniture for executive rooms, created by German architect Hadi Teherani.
Champ is a new product concept with new technology for an extraordinary feeling when sitting - the "Bodyfloat".
Executive chair with headrest, and high or medium backrest.
Executive series upholstered in two way, PLAIN (without front stitches) or STRIP (with front stitches).
Executive series with headrest and high backrest and a synchronized mechanism.
LUCTRA® is the first biologically effective LED lamp system for the workplace which makes a knowledge available for use by everyone.
High quality equipment for the archives and repositories of the Austrian production for a museums, an exhibition halls and a libraries.
Ergonomic systems tailored for modern desks – Drive desks meet the requirements of people with different styles and specifics of work.
The universal worktop and a wide range of available frames allow creating any layouts: from basic workstations to complex systems.
A wide range of available frames and abundant colour schemes allow creating a workspace that will match visually and functionally.
Inside the leg there is an easily accessible cable duct, which considerably shortens the time needed to prepare and install necessary electronic devices.
Ecological, innovative two-position desk with an electrically height-adjustable worktop, that incorporates technology reducing the power consumption in "stand by" mode by half.
A must-have for every office – cabinets and pedestals, despite progressive digitalization are still being considered a basis of the office equipment.
The multi-functional folding table system NESTYis3 always rises to the occasion, meeting every challenge.
Designed for higher class seating and an executive working style.
Setting up, dismantling, transport and storage – everything becomes easier with torino.
Whether as a circle, a quartet, at an angular, rectangular or curved table – with the ray table system you are always well connected – with both media and colleagues.
Design and quality are inextricably linked at DOBERGO. And we only use premium and sustainable materials.
Bright beautiful products of perfect quality from this Italian manufacturer will leave nobody indifferent!
Tables from the undisputed leader in the manufacture of furniture for cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels - from PEDRALI
Solutions that make it possible to organise every space to perfection, providing privacy, confidentiality and security, and accessibility, convenience and neatness at the same time.
Adjustable workstations that meet all your needs
Classic form of a school chair in a brand-new edition — multiple configurations that adjust to office areas of various purposes.
Mechanisms that allow adjusting the settings to the user’s needs, make Sava a perfect chair for a computer workstation.
The construction supporting the work ergonomics and appealing colours — Tanya office chair is a fundamental piece of furniture in every office.
Simple form and mechanisms that allow adjusting the configuration to its user’s needs
The series is distinguished by the wide, comfortable design of the integrated armrests.
Product range is offered in 3 backrest padding versions with 3 types of armrests are available.
A comfortable and simply elegant collection of upholstered armchairs.
Its frame is thin but comfortable, thanks to the tapered armrests that featured the armchair with linearity but, at the same time, full of details.
Folk's friendly character, the warmth of ash wood, the soft and compact dimensions, human lines seamlessly convey the concept of a chair that speaks a universal language.
Nym Soft recalls the outlines of the omonymous wooden chairs collection, subtly accentuating and enhancing its comfort.
For those who want to furnish or renew their spaces with clean, linear and basic geometric lines
A multidisciplinary approach aimed at making the most of integrated technologies and furniture.
PRATIKO, features a rigorous, linear design offering innovative solutions for any item, from the individual workstation to more complex needs.
A close-up of the natural stone quarry through a magnifying glass, faithfully reproducing the technical and aesthetic essence of the surfaces
New LOOP project, with its vaguely “retro” feel, with large desks and “minimal” designs.
Less is more
Design and quality are intertwined. Only eco and premium quality materials are used in furniture production.
Every space becomes an eye-catching design.
For those of us who are into making decisions.